New Patient Registration

We are no longer accepting new patients and our current waitlist has now closed. We are able to see all patients regardless of whether or not they are on our waitlist for any acute medical issues as booked appointments or as walk-in patients.

Any existing patients on our waitlist must have filled out the 2 patient forms below. Waitlist appointments WILL NOT be processed unless both forms are filled out completely including a valid email address for contact purposes. Forms can also be filled out in person at the clinic. Patients on our waitlist may sign up for internet booking in person at our clinic after a medical appointment.

New Patient Registration
Health Information Questionnaire

Appointments for new patients are scheduled on a rolling basis as availability allows. Please be patient if you are on our existing waitlist as our capacity to see new patients is limited by our priority to ensure our current patients get timely medical care. New patient appointments typically are intake visits meant to get more information about existing medical conditions, personal history, to answer any questions you may have about the doctor or the clinic and for the doctor to provide information on office policies if you wish to join the practice. Patients on the waitlist are welcome to come in to our clinic prior to their intake appointments for any medical issues as a walk-in patient. 

If you require an urgent doctor's visit, please visit to see our up-to-the-minute walk-in wait times or contact 911 for emergencies.